The Pop Up Pen is like no other pen out there. Even so, it still comes in all sorts of shapes and sizes. Some come with rubber grips for more control others come with lanyard options for all round conference item. Whatever your promotional needs for this pen, we are sure we can fulfill your needs.

The "G" Pen: This is a basic banner pen option with rubber grip. It has a solid barrel option but it also has a window option which can be branded inside in full colour.

The "FLN" Pen: What is special about this style of pen is that is can come with a printed lanyard attachment, making it perfect for functions and conferences.

The "D" Pen: This pen comes with a clipped cap and contains gel ink for a smoother writing experience.

The "FKC" Keyring: Maybe you don't want a pen but still want a promotional item and will entertain your big advertising needs.